For BrightLink 475Wi, 480i and 485Wi

Easy Interactive Driver (EID)

Only required for Macintosh.
(No driver required for Windows operating Systems)

Allows interactive communication between the BrightLink projector and the computer. Install the driver software on all computers you will use with BrightLink. It must be installed and running on computers connected to BrightLink for the interactive pen to work.

Easy Interactive Tools

Easy Interactive Tools

Optional. It is simple, introductory, and can be learned in about 15 minutes.

Available for free download, EIT is both PC and MAC compatible, can be installed on as many computers as needed. Installation is optional and is not required for interactivity if another annotation software is preferred.

Usage instructions are included in the:

TeamBoard Draw & Annotate

A more advanced and feature-rich annotation software. Some of the additional features of Draw! not available with Easy Interactive Tools:

  • Flexible file format saving: jpg, pdf, tif, png, ppt, and iwb
  • Create digital notes that can be saved and edited
  • Record a session
  • Add, delete, move pages
  • Ability to place and move text and objects
  • Advanced shape and line tools

Draw! is available for Windows and Mac and ships in the box with BrightLink. Installation is optional and is not required for interactivity if another annotation software program is preferred.

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Maintenance Tools

Easy MP Monitor Utility - Monitor & Control

Use Easy MP Monitor to monitor and control the status of all Epson networked projectors from a single computer over a wired or wireless Ethernet network. Provides ability to:

  • Simultaneously view projector status including input sources, power on/off, lamp life hours, and more
  • View projector status conditions including temperature levels and error alerts
  • Schedule filter & lamp maintenance, power timer settings, and more

Easy MP Network Projection - Manage Content

Provides advanced display and content management over Ethernet networks including:

  • Ability to remotely send and display a presentation any where in the world via your LAN
  • Multi-screen projection to simultaneously display different images on up to four Epson projectors from a single computer
  • Configure and present wirelessly via 802.11a/b/g protocol

Software for Education

RM Easiteach®

Easiteach is a robust alternative to NoteBook and Activinspire with the option for pre-made or create-your-own lesson plans aligned to core curriculum standards.

RM Easiteach is available with BrightLink when purchased together as a bundle. The software license permits use with 1 BrightLink projector and installation on up to five (5) computers.

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